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Outlast Free Services

Outlast Battery Station FREE Quality Services

  • Check-up of battery condition
  • Solution height and specific gravity
  • Load capacity check-up
  • Checking and charging system voltage reading
    -In case of Charging System (alternator) trouble, the battery is possibly discharged. For all batteries under warranty, bring the battery to the station for Free Battery Charging.
    In case of any battery problem under warranty, we will lend a service battery while we observe / check your battery.
  • FREE DELIVERY within Metro Manila
    Call Hotline Tel. No. 725-9005. A Battery Station/Branch nearest your location will deliver the battery right at your doorstep and provide FREE services during the service life  of the battery.
  • Services available in any of our major Battery Stations


For transport, freight forwarding, service companies and corporations maintaining several vehicles, we offer regular FREE maintenance / check-up service.

No need to stock battery units in your warehouses. Battery service / replacement on the spot or on the road. We provide a Battery Technician to visit once a month or as per agreement for free service. No more delayed deliveries or hassles for your company! Plus BIG discounts, convenience and savings.
Companies just simply contact us and create a corporate customer account. Email us for details.

Warranty Application:

Warranty does not apply when the following conditions exist:

  1. Damage due to fire, wreckage, explosion, abuse or similar conditions.

  2. The battery case or cover were broken after installation.

  3. Failure to add distilled water or demineralized water [for topping] to the battery cell when electrolyte levels falls below the top of the plates.

  4. There is indication of over or under charging of the battery.

  5. Faulty electrical parts of the vehicle caused the damage to the battery.

  6. Using battery smaller than the correct specification.

  7. There is evidence that an additive other than distilled water was used for topping.

  8. Tampering of code and other official markings of the battery.

Do not fail to present the warranty card to your preferred dealer whenever the battery is sent for service.

Take proper care of the Battery to Insure Maximum Service.
1. Check for cracks or deformation of battery case which could be the result of:
    a]. Excessive tightening of hold-down attachment
    b]. Loose hold-down attachment
    c]. Buckled battery plates that results to bulging of battery case
2. Make sure generator / alternator or voltage regulator of the vehicle are functioning properly.
3. Keep your battery fully charged but not over-charged.
4. Keep battery cable terminal tight and clean to avoid loose contact.
5. Check electrical circuit for worn cables and busted fuses.
6. Do not let your battery water level go below the top of the battery plates.
7. Use distilled water when adding water to your battery.
8. Do not over-load or ever-charge your battery.

Visit any OUTLAST Authorized Dealer for FREE battery check-up.

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